Milan and Sophie are two twentysomethings who want to marry and have children. In addition, Milan has ambitious plans for opening a dance club: Jaguars. Sophie, her parents and his best friend Ferhane support him in it. After hard work, Jaguars seems to be a success. But one evening, three boys trouble the staff and visitors. The troublemakers are taken from the dance club. They are angry and want their revenge. Early in the morning they wait Milan and beat him down completely. He arrives at the hospital and is told that he will never walk again. His world collapses and not just his. Slowly Milan comes to the realization that he is putting the people who are close to him through a nightmare.

“Fatal” is produced by JSB Productions BV, a script by Dick van den Heuvel and Jesse Bleekemolen, “Fatal” is based on several true stories about victims of senseless violence.


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Jesse Bleekemolen is a writer, director and producer. When he was a little boy he was enthralled on his visits to the circus, theatre and cinema, where he tried to fathom how the great names created such wonderful spectacles. He discovered a passion for light, sound, film, television and music. At the tender age of 12 he worked as an apprentice at Eyeworks, and that is when he decided he wanted to stay in the world of film and television. After his apprenticeship he worked on various television programmes and series. He also became a volunteer for the theatre productions of the Crown Theatre in Aalsmeer, where he discovered his social possibilities. Following these activities, and after making a short film on mindless violence, he decided to become an ambassador for the Stichting MOED (Courage Foundation). In order to place this problem in a broader perspective, he began work on the script for his first genuine film production: Fataal.

Jesse produced, directed and distributed his debut film at the age of nineteen, because he wanted to tell the story behind the newspaper headlines. “Fataal continues where the headlines end,” he states. He managed to gather together a group of 121 professional cast and crew members who were willing to cooperate on the project free of charge in order to draw attention to the subject of the film. The film premièred at the Pathé Tuschinski cinema in Amsterdam on Monday, 31 October and was very well received.


Young people are confronted with mindless violence relatively frequently, so regrettably this continues to be a relevant theme for the youth of today. Nineteen-year-old director Jesse Bleekemolen has now made a new Dutch film called Fataal (Fatal) about the disastrous consequences of such violence. With the film Jesse wants to increase attention for mindless violence.

“More than 13,000 school pupils went to the film Fataal with their school.”

Secondary school pupils can see the film at a reduced price as part of the Fataal School Tour in combination with a Q&A and a teaching module. This is being arranged in cooperation with cinemas around the Netherlands, including the Pathé, Vue and KinePolis cinema chains. The teaching module is based on the film and has been developed together with the MOED Landelijke Stichting Tegen Zinloos Geweld (COURAGE National Foundation Against Mindless Violence) and the mindless violence ladybird logo. Teachers use the module to discuss the subject of mindless violence with pupils after watching the gripping film.


Fataal has been available as VOD (Video On Demand) from various providers and online video services since 9 March 2017. This Dutch film about mindless violence, the debut film of nineteen-year-old director Jesse Bleekemolen, attracted cinema audiences of more than 32,000, and another 13,100 school pupils have seen the film as part of the Fataal School Tour. Due to this success the school tour moved to Belgium in February and the campaign has been extended up to the 2017-2018 school year.

Fataal is available from providers including Videoland, Pathé Thuis, Movie Max, Ziggo, KPN, T-Mobile, Telfort, Tele2 Nederland, Youfone SimOnly, XS4ALL,, TV VLAANDEREN, Google Play and iTunes. The release on iTunes means that the film can now be seen in no less than seventy countries. Since 1 April 2017 the Dutch film on mindless violence has also been shown via KLM as it is now part of the video entertainment programme on all KLM flights longer than two hours. The Fataal DVD can be purchased from retail outlets such as and Media Markt


After the success of the film FATAAL, the poignant story about senseless violence by the young filmmaker Jesse Bleekemolen from 5 April 2018 onwards can be seen as a musical performance in Dutch theaters. The performance is, in the tradition of the Carry Slee musicals, produced by Homemade Productions.

The leading roles are played by Abel Leemans (Soldier of Orange), Vera de Koster (Regrets the musical), Lucas Schilperoort (Hair), and Samir Hassan (Theatergroep Kwatta). With FATAAL, Robin van den Heuvel (who can be seen as an actress in, for example, the musical and regret the musical), makes her debut as a director: “It is a special story where, after the film, we will now make an energetic and accessible performance. with beautiful music by Jeroen Sleyfer. ”

FATAAL tells the story of Milan. He has a dream. He wants a club. A club where you can dance to good music from the best DJs until late into the night. And he wants to marry Sophie. Because Milan is a steady biter and a go-getter, the club is quickly a big success. But one evening a few aggressive boys are expelled from the club. They wait for Milan and beat him up. Milan ends up in a wheelchair; he will never be able to stand on his feet again. How does he get over that trauma? Are all his dreams falling apart? And will love for Sophie stand? A poignant story about senseless violence and its consequences; but also a story about the power of love.

FATAAL is written by Dick van den Heuvel with music by Jeroen Sleyfer and can be seen from Thursday 5 April 2018 in 25 Dutch theaters.


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