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Young people are confronted with mindless violence relatively frequently, so regrettably this continues to be a relevant theme for the youth of today. Nineteen-year-old director Jesse Bleekemolen has now made a new Dutch film called Fataal (Fatal) about the disastrous consequences of such violence. With the film Jesse wants to increase attention for mindless violence.

“More than 13,000 school pupils went to the film Fataal with their school.”

Secondary school pupils can see the film at a reduced price as part of the Fataal School Tour in combination with a Q&A and a teaching module. This is being arranged in cooperation with cinemas around the Netherlands, including the Pathé, Vue and KinePolis cinema chains. The teaching module is based on the film and has been developed together with the MOED Landelijke Stichting Tegen Zinloos Geweld (COURAGE National Foundation Against Mindless Violence) and the mindless violence ladybird logo. Teachers use the module to discuss the subject of mindless violence with pupils after watching the gripping film.

CJP Culture Card

Book the Fataal School Tour with the CJP Culture Card and receive a discount of 12% on top of the budget provided by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. This ministry provides an annual budget of €5 per pupil for activities linked to the Culture Card. This budget can be used for school pupils to visit the film Fataal within the School Tour in combination with a Q&A and the secondary education teaching module.
The film Fataal and the School Tour are officially designated as cultural activities and we accept the Culture Card. This means that you can utilise the budget linked to the CJP card. We offer an extra discount of 12% on top of this budget, enabling your pupils to see the film at an even lower cost and allowing you to purchase the Q&A and the teaching module less expensively.

Brief Impression

The Fataal School Tour commenced on Monday, 5 December, when the Bioscoop Aalsmeer cinema welcomed secondary school Thamen from Uithoorn. 550 school pupils listened to the heartrending story of Wanda and Jacques Beemsterboer, whose twenty-year-old daughter Nadine was killed by her former boyfriend on 2 December 2006. Wanda read an excerpt from the book ‘Mum, I’ll call you right back’, which she wrote about the incident. Jacques then talked about the murder and about how they and their other daughter Jacqueline are trying to cope with their immense loss. At the end the pupils had an opportunity to ask questions. The loud applause received by Jacques and Wanda Beemsterboer suggested that the pupils were genuinely interested and showed great respect for Nadine’s parents. After the Q&A session the pupils watched the film.

The team

The Fataal team consists of twenty-five young, passionate professionals who are doing everything in their power to realise the objective of Fataal. Everyone in the team has the experience and relevant background required to make a valuable contribution to the project. We have just one wish, which is to get youngsters to reflect upon mindless violence and to provoke further discussion on this subject in the Netherlands and Belgium.  Because the Fataal team is so young, we think we can get through to the target group. After all, not so long ago we were sitting in the classroom ourselves.’


Since the end of 2017 we have been working together with the booking office ‘Theater in School’.

In 2006 Henrike van Engelenburg set up an educational department at Van Engelenburg Theater Productions with the name Theater in School, or TIS. With this she opened an extra market for theater performances. The existing plays in the theaters are extended and supplemented with school performances. This gives performances a longer lifespan and more audience can be reached. Within two years TIS has become one of the largest providers of theater for schools in schools and theaters.

teaching module

Our teaching module consists of 5 different themes within senseless violence that fit in well with the Fatal film. These modules can be used separately, so a class can, if desired, also only focus on certain themes.

At the moment the teaching modules are still in writing, we are now working on the design and testing of a digital version where the students can fill in their answers and the teacher gets the results in a clear overview. We expect to be able to launch it in the spring of 2018.

Fataal Lesson packages

Package 1

  • Visit to the film Fataal
  • Teaching module by Stichting MOED, to be handled by your own teacher

Package 2

  • Visit to the film Fataal
  • Teaching module by Stichting MOED, to be handled by your own teacher
  • Q&A with Jacques, Jacqueline and Wanda Beemsterboer after the film

Package 3

  • Visit to the film Fataal
  • Teaching module by Stichting MOED, to be handled by your own teacher
  • Q&A with Margo after the film

Package 4

  •  Visit of the Fatal Film in the cinema, online license or mobile cinema
  • Q & A Jasper & Ronie
  • Teaching module MOED, by our own teacher

Package 5

  • Visit of the Fatal Film in the cinema, online license or mobile cinema
  • Q & A Vincent & Heidi
  • Teaching module MOED, by our own teacher

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