Jasper en Ronnie

Jasper and Ronnie were mistreated in April 2017 by six to eight young people with a concrete shear. “Our recovery has cost a lot of time and energy. Both physically and mentally. What has happened to us is very far-reaching, the consequences stretch far beyond what has been done to us physically. ”

They were both badly wounded by the senseless violence. And ended up in a long and drastic legal process, which is now in an advanced stage. “This allows us to give more openness about our story. In addition to the physical and especially mental consequences of the abuse, which we still have to deal with on a daily basis. ”

Jasper and Ronnie talk about what happened to them during the Fataal Schooltour, what direct physical consequences this had and how they still have to deal with the mental consequences on a daily basis. They want to make as many students as possible aware of the enormous impact of senseless violence, both on them and their environment.



“The Fataal Schooltour offers us a chance to make it very clear to students which impact has useless violence. The combination with the film Fataal ensures that the story really comes in. We see that students are touched, making them more aware of the impact and consequences, both in the short and the long term, “says Jasper and Ronnie.