Vincent van Weenen

Vincent was senselessly mistreated in the Torenstraat in Castricum and had to rush to the hospital. “I think it’s very important to tell first-hand students about the enormous impact of senseless violence. Physically, but also mentally. ”

He fought in the intensive care unit for his life, because of a skull base fracture, a broken jaw, nose and a broken mouth. He can not remember much about the incident, so his mother takes over from half an hour before the blow. From the legal process Vincent takes it again, to be able to tell firsthand about the enormous consequences that the senseless violence had for him.

Vincent talks about what happened to him during the Fataal Schooltour. About the physical and mental consequences of senseless violence. Based on his own experiences. An impressive story for students, who can easily move around with him, partly because of his young age.


“As far as I am concerned, senseless violence must always remain under the spotlight. It is completely unnecessary and has a huge impact. On me, on other victims and also on the people around it. I think it is very important to make it clear to as many people as possible that something like this should never happen again, “says Vincent.